Only a chosen few can become consistent over many years in the public. This is because people change and embrace new things and people avoiding to dwell in the past. This is the case of many celebrities who have no idea what to do after their career either as sportsmen, actors, musicians, TV personalities and wrestlers among others who are considered public figures. Many celebrities fail to maintain the image because they do not receive the kind of attention they received in their peak years and thus remain irrelevant while still wishing to live their lives as before.

Those who manage to maintain their celebrity lives are in most cases considered lucky if they still receive the kind of attention they did while still in the public eye. Many who continue to remain in the public eye are in most cases running endorsements or promoting one thing or another. It is rare that one is doing their own business that involves the public because this is the time that most people want to rest.

One retired wrestler who was the people's favorite in his peak years has defied all odds and started something of his own that ensures he remains relevant and at the same time making money out of it. Richard Morgan, who used Ric Flair as his stage name is one good example and his online shop that sells his merchandise can give many celebrities who have failed to live up to expectations learn.

One of the most important tips is that one should be able to manage his finances well while they are still in the industry because when the supply is finally cut it becomes a problem for many people.

He also teaches that celebrities should find a worthwhile investment where they put their money and this will secure their future.
By giving autographs and maintaining a good rapport with his fans with things like signing autographs and hanging out with them, he teaches celebrities to be humble as they will one day need the fans.

Celebrities should also hire good people especially in certain professionals to help them manage some of their fortunes like businesses and accounts. They should avoid pessimistic friends and those who do not have visions and all they want to do is spend money.

Ric Flair's merchandise for example are loved the world over by his fans whom records show they order from as far as the east. Click on their website here for original merchandise: